We’re Stuck!

Ever got terribly stuck on a problem? Ever made a stupid mistake and felt like a fool? Brilliant! Then this show is for you.


Join us on a special tour deep into the heart of Volcano Industries. Explore top secret research laboratories and meet cutting edge scientists developing some very unusual robots. But beware: there may be unexpected dangers….

“really great children’s theatre” Maddy Costa, Exeunt


“it was like being in Doctor Who” child audience member


“Just thank you. We couldn’t stop talking about how privileged we are to be able to enjoy such world-class theatre.” Parent


Created by Sarah Punshon, devised with Seiriol Davies, Clare Dunn, Daniel Bye and Avita Jay. Designed by Joanna Scotcher, lighting design by Joshua Pharo, sound design by Elena Peña


Originally developed with the charity Maths on Toast.

Pics: Arnim Friess

In 2020 under lockdown We’re Stuck became a digital experience!

Created in collaboration with senior neuroscientists and psychologists from: Centre for Educational Neuroscience, University of London, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford and School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh.


“It was a massively stimulating and enriching experience… many insightful questions were helpful in making me reflect on my own research” Professor Matt Nolan, University of Edinburgh.


Commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall and Z-arts, produced by China Plate

Z arts