Zoom Curious Investigators

Are you curious? Do you ask a LOT of questions?

Then Toni needs you!


Join Toni as she discovers an extraordinary surprise: a very unusual egg.

Who laid the egg? And how can we get it back into its nest?



For 3-7 year olds and their grown-ups. 


“My little boy turned to me halfway through and whispered  “I love this, thank you” and as soon as the call ended, he was planning things to make.”

Georgia, mother of “Investigator Milo”


“We had such a great time. Toni was utterly fab and captivating”

Kate Craddock, Artistic Director, GIFT, mother of “Investigator Kit”


This delightful live Zoom adventure, originally created under lockdown conditions in 2020, has reached more than 1,000 audience members in schools, libraries and living rooms across the nation. Find out more about its impact.


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