Curious Investigators

A cracking new adventure for 3-7 year olds


Scribble and Clipboard have a job to do: sort the recycling. But Scribble keeps finding new things to investigate. When she discovers a mysterious egg hidden in the rubbish, the pair need the audience’s help to rescue an unborn chick. Can we save the precious egg from a smashing? And what will we discover along the way?



“Wonderfully engaging! Had the adults laughing like children!”

“Ridiculously superb!”

Audience feedback, Just So Festival


Commissioned by Big Imaginations.



Original Director: Sarah Punshon,

Remount Director: Daniel Bye


Designed by Samuel Wilde

Music and sound design by Niroshini Thambar and Nik Paget-Tomlinson

LX Design by Rob Athorn

Production Management by Rob Athorn and Amy Chandler

Originally Produced by Rafia Hussain

February 22 Stage Manager: Louise Manifold

April 22 Stage Manager: Adam Robertson

Production Coordinator: Humira Imtiaz

Marketing Officer: Lauren Randall




February 22 tour: Aleysha Jade & Hannah Goudie-Hunter

April 22 tour: Marica Cassandra & Katie Tranter



We are enormously grateful to the Granada Foundation and Backstage Trust for supporting this project.


Saturday 11 Feb 2023

11am and 2pm

St Helen’s, Chester Lane Library


Tuesday 14 Feb 2023

11:30am and 2pm

Luton Full House Festival


Wednesday 22 Feb 2023


Normanton Library, Derby


Thursday 23 Feb 2023


Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury


Friday 24 Feb 2023


Assembly Rooms, Ludlow


Saturday 25 Feb 2023

11am and 2pm

Assembly Rooms, Ludlow


Sunday 26 Feb 2023

12noon and 3pm

Jackson’s Lane, London


Saturday 4 March 2023

11am and 2pm

Alnwick Playhouse


Sunday 5 March 2023


The Grove Hall, South Kirby


Saturday 11 March


Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal


Sunday 19 March 2023

11am and 2pm

ArtsDepot, London



Satuday 25 March 2023

11am and 2pm

Dukes, Lancaster


Sunday 26 March 2023


The Cluntergate Hall, South Horbury


Saturday 1 April 2023

11am and 2pm

Pegasus Theatre, Oxford


Sunday 2 April 2023

11am and 2pm

Cambridge Junction


Monday 3 April 2023


The Lights, Andover


Tuesday 4 April 2023


Quay Arts, Newport


Wednesday 5 April 2023


Hangar Farm Arts


Thursday 6 April 2023

11am and 2pm

Norden Farm, Maidenhead


Saturday 8 April 2023


Greenwich Theatre


Wednesday 12 April 2023


Watford Palace Theatre


Thurs 13 April 2023


Colchester Arts Centre


Sunday 16 April


Guildhall (Studio), Portsmouth