Do your genes fix your future? Do your children have any hope?

Performed in your own home by Daniel Bye and his five-month-old son, Arthur is a startling confrontation with the inescapability of what makes you you. Combining astonishing insights from the cutting-edge science of epigenetics, with hilarious and harrowing storytelling, this show will make you look again at everything you thought you knew.

Winner of the Scotsman Fringe First Award 2019
“A gentle, compelling hour” – Joyce Macmillan Scotsman
“Riveting, funny and thoughtful” **** – Mark Fisher, The Guardian
“A show that makes connections, as though what you are watching are the artist’s synapses firing live” – Lyn Gardner


With thanks to Dr Mike Roberts (Lancaster University) and Dr Reinmar Hagar (University of Manchester)


Daniel Bye, ARC Stockton and One Tenth Human present:
a solo-and-a-half show by Daniel Bye
performed by Daniel Bye with his son Arthur
direction and dramaturgy by Sarah Punshon
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 31 July-25 August 2019