We’re on a mission to tell children better stories about who they can be.

We make live, intimate and wildly entertaining events with children and scientists, where children are the heroes of the adventure.

We explode myth and preconception around science, technology, engineering and maths: because we know that these subjects carry dangerous cultural baggage. Many children reach adulthood believing these subjects are not for “people like me”. We want to change this.

We are as silly as we need to be to grapple with a very serious world.


One Tenth Human: brain-stretching adventures created with kids and scientists.

Our Values & Associated Behaviours

Bold & Resilient


We are unafraid of grappling with big, apparently impossible problems. We are keen to explore the boundaries of form. We know that making mistakes, getting stuck, and frustrating failure are essential experiences if we are to learn and innovate. We are curious about what’s possible.

Rigorous & Collaborative


We work hard to properly understand and represent the scientific ideas we grapple with. We take time to develop projects, and we always involve children and scientists in the process of investigating and making. We are meticulous.

Playful & Surprising


We create joyful, entertaining experiences, containing delightful surprises. We release children’s energy, imagination and potential.